Weltkarte mit Fähnchen in den Ländern in denen HessenForst aktiv ist

Since more than 100 years, Hessian foresters engage in international advisory services on sustainable forest management, forestry education, forest organization, research and integrated conservation of biodiversity.
Today, the name of the Hessian Forestry Administration is inseparably linked with the Forestry Colleges in Brasil, Chile, and Kenya, with the development of the „Green Wall“ in China, and with the small scale farmer’s forest management in Korea.
Forestry administrations of Indonesia and Vietnam are oriented by the example of the Hessian Forestry organization.

In 2004, the section for international forest advisory services (Consulting) was established as part of the then young State Forest Enterprise „HessenForst”. HessenForst Consulting has established business and cooperation relations to commissioners and partners in many parts of the world maintaining in such a way the tradition of advisory services through Hessian foresters.
HessenForst is the only German forest enterprise, which operates an international consulting unit.

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