HessenForst State Forest Enterprise

HessenForst in Indonesien

HessenForst State Forest Enterprise manages the Hessian State Forest with approximately 342.000 ha under special consideration of the public benefit.
On behalf of the forest owners, we also manage more than 284.000 ha of corporate (communal) forests and about 100.000 ha of privately owned forests. Moreover, we advise forest owners associations in all forest management related issues. It is part of our mission to care for the protection of the forests according to existing laws. With our scientists and researchers we develop solutions for emerging questions and problems.
In order to guarantee the sustainability of our actions, our forest management is regularly controlled by external specialists (certification).

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Forests and Forestry in Hesse Forests and Forestry in Hesse

Multipurpose Sustainable Forest Management -
Commitment for Generations

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Species and Biotope Protection in the Hessian State Forest Species and Biotope Protection in the Hessian State Forest

The Nature Conservation Guideline

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Hessische Förster im Ausland Hessische Förster im Ausland

Fünf Jahrzehnte internationale Zusammenarbeit von 1960 bis 2015 – Ein Rückblick

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