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Sustainable forest management

Hesse is a state very rich in woodland. 42 percent of Hesse's area is covered in forests. HessenForst is a legally non-independent state company that manages Hesse's state forest and provides services for forest owners.

Multitalented forest

Hardly any other ecosystem is as diverse as the forest. As a living and recreational space, as a supplier of raw materials with a filter function for air and water, as a climate protector and as an employer, forests have been available to the people of Hesse for centuries.

Verortung des Landesbetriebs in Landesverwaltung Hessen
Various statistics on state forest Hesse and HessenForst


Our goals

We maintain and develop the state forest as an ecosystem. We aim to provide an optimal combination of its effects. In doing so we seek to contribute to the maintenance and improvment of environmental, economic and living conditions to the highest degree possible. In addition to other sustainability goals, we bear particular responsibility for forest biodiversity and climate protection. The production of raw materials, the promotion of recreational and cultural effects, and education for sustainable development in the forest are additional goals that we pursue with equal vigour.

Areal view of woodland and graphics on forest deliverables


Sustainable forest management

We maintain and manage the forests entrusted to us according to the principles of sustainability. Our aim is to develop a climate-stable forest. We also provide forest management as a service. As a service provider we advise forest owners and assist them in achieving their goals in accordance with the multiplicity of forest functions.


Protecting nature and promoting biodiversity

42 percent of Hesse's area are covered in forests. The main tree species are beech (35 percent), spruce (21 percent) and pine (11 percent). In constantly diversitying the tree species composition of our forests we strive to shape Hesse's state forests into climate-resilient woodlands and maintain their functions for generations to come. 

When it comes to the protection of nature, our foresters are experts - they know how to use the forest responsibly while promoting its biodiversity. The protection of nature is of particular importance in more than half of our forest areas. Rare species feel at home here.

Collage of various species


Recreation and education

The forest is an optimal setting for recreation and sports. 40 percent of the forest area is dedicated to recreational activites. The forest is a fascinating place of learning, where children and young people as well as adults can discover and experience nature. Our forest educational events are designed according to the framework of "Education for Sustainable Development".

A child's hand holds a magnifying glas over a flower

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